Classic Times with John Filipczak & The Classics

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My former bandleader John Filipczak and his wife, Myrna, were going through shoe boxes of old band photos and found some extras to pass on to me. I played with John & The Classics between 1989 and 1994 with troves of memories and experiences. We recorded two albums, appeared on radio and television programs and traveled throughout the Midwest with trips to Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey and Massachusetts!

I hope you enjoy these candid pictures of John Filipczak & The Classics!

With then ?-year-old Benji Gaboda sat in on the violin. Benji used to have more hair than John but not any more!

When thin was in! Left to right: Gary Jasicki, Denny Anderson, Craig Ebel, John Filipczak, and Marv Welinski.

Playing St. Patrick's Day at the old Eagles club in St. Paul!

A Sunday afternoon at "The Polka Capital of New England," Pulaski Park in Two Rivers, Massachusetts!

Polish American Club President George Sierakowski singing with the band, "I've Got A Polish Girlfriend!"

Here are a couple of media shots from the Willard Polka Fest in Willard, Wisconsin. I remember it being a hot afternoon, but we gave the crowd some even hotter honky style polka music!