Polka Time Classic Photos 2

Check out these "blasts from the past". This gallery holds rare photos of many popular polka bands and musicians of yesterday.

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As requested by Mr. Tony Kaminski of Stevens Point, Wisconsin - Ellsworth "Babe" Wagner.

The Mrozinski Brothers Aleatoric Ensemble - This photo was taken for their first album "Here We Are". Pictured right to left - Peter P. Mrozinski, Tom Mrozinski, Jerry Zelanzy, Scott Newton, John Keen, Mike Wendolek, and Bill Czerniak.

Three of Minnesota's most famous band leaders performing together for a grand opening of a music store in New Ulm, Minnesota. Left to right - "The King of the Hoolerie" Elmer Scheid, Victor "Fezz" Fritsche of The Goosetown Band, and "The Bard of The Bass Horn" Harold Loeffelmacher of the Six Fat Dutchmen. Harold looks like he just returned from Texas.

Picture donated by Joey Johnson - Fank Yankovic & The Yanks during a live radio broadcast over WNBC in New York City. Left to right: Al Leslie - Carl Paradiso - Tony "Tops" Cardoni - "America's Polka King" Frank Yankovic.

Debuting in 1958 and running five years over the ABC-TV network on the Polka-Go-Round show... Lou Prohut & The Polka Rounders!

TRUE STORY! While organizing old photographs, we came across two negatives that did not match any of the pictures we had. So we took them in for developing and here are the results.

Fezz Fritsche on the clarinet and Eddie Willinger as "Tanta Anna" on the concertina.

Posing for the camera is Fezz Fritsche, Elhart Ebel and Tanta Anna.

A publicity photo taken for the HBO movie "The Last Polka" featuring Jas Shmenge (Eugene Levey) and Stas Shmenge (John Candy) and the Happy Wanderers Polka Band!