Polka Time Classic Photos 3

Check out these "blasts from the past". This gallery holds rare photos of many popular polka bands and musicians of yesterday.

Please be patient while the images are downloading. Thanks!

This rare photo was taken during the first performance of the Andy Zurbey Orchestra. (circa 1981)

Donated by Don Rohrs ... the first bill of the Bel-Rae Ballroom from November of 1964.

One of my favorite polka artists is the "Polka General" Li'l Richard Towalski.

One of the greatest Slovenian style accordionists of all time, Bob Timko.

Myron Floren, Eddie Lewandowski, and Tony Jambor jamming out during WTCN's Polka Jamboree in the 1960's.

This publicity photo of Verne Meisner was rescued from the trash-bin after the last polka festival at the Bel-Rae in 1996.

Dick Rodgers, an unknown bride, and Romy Gosz. It doesn't get any better than that!

One of the greatest polka bands ever, Frankie Liska and TBC. Left to right: Matt Lewandowski, Steve "Binky" Binkiewicz, seated Frank Liszka, Chris Yanetsky, David "Mushroom" Walter, and Steve Zelenak.

WOW! 1982 Winter Polka Fest at The Bel-Rae Ballroom in Moundsview, Minnesota, with Ernie Mazurek's White Eagle Concertina Band along with Wanda & Stephanie.