Polka Time Postcards

As a part of our ongoing mission to promote and preserve polka music, we are sharing more polka memorabilia in the form of actual postcards. This gallery holds unique promotional items and souvenirs by very popular polka bands and musicians.

Please be patient while the images are downloading. Thanks!

Here is the front and back of a postcard used by the leader of the Six Fat Dutchmen, Harold Loeffelmacher, in hopes of getting airplay and mentioned on radios stations.

This colored postcard from Wisconsin's Alvin Styczynski was a great way to promote the band and their new bus.

Here is a postcard of the great vocalist and bandleader Gene Wisniewski, which actually fell out of a book that held 78-rpm records. What a find!

This early postcard of Dick Metko and His Boys precedes the two bands Dick was most noted for playing with - Lawrence Duchow & the Red Ravens and Dick Rodgers TV Recording Orchestra.

Cuca recording artist Uncle Julius was famous in Wisconsin for his radio broadcasts. This postcard dates back to 1950 and was donated by "The Polish Woodchopper" Robert Gorka.

This is a postcard of Eddie Korosa's original Baby Doll Polka Club in Chicago, Illinois.

The late Roger Bright donated this colored postcard of America's Polka King Frank Yankovic. The uniform that Frank is wearing was also worn in the Hollywood movie shorts.

This postcard of Yankovic's Steakhouse was used as a souvenir for patrons who visited the polka landmark.

Donated by our booth announcer, Fred "The Axman" Axberg, this rare signed memento of accordionist Myron Floren features the Optimist Creed on the back.