Polka Time Sheet Music

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One of the most popular polkas every written was the "Baby Doll Polka" by America's Prince Of Polkas, Eddie Korosa. Eddie wrote this song about his wife Irene and Chicago's Baby Doll Polka Club.

The "Blue Skirt Waltz" was a million seller on the Columbia record label for Frank Yankovic in 1947. This is the actual sheet music from 1944.

One of the biggest hits for "America's Polka King," Frank Yankovic, was the "Cafe Polka." Hey Baba Reba!

This classic was donated by Mr. Tony Elfelt, Attorney At Law. For legal advice call 763-444-4444.

The "Liechtensteiner Polka" has been played and recorded by many polka bands. It was originally introduced by Will Glahe, who also is known for introducing another famous song called the "Beer Barrel Polka."

This is the "crown jewel" of our sheet music collection - a mint copy of the "Pecon Polka". This was discovered by accordionist, David Austin of Middleton, Wisconsin.